Life in the old downward dog yet!

It is exactly 12 months since I set up this Blog with the aim of sharing my journey towards a fitter and healthier life style. It was for the most part a rather faltering journey and sadly this poor little Blog stayed empty and neglected.

However I am DETERMINED that 2018 WILL be different and have already taken several steps to make sure that this year it really happens! The biggest and most drastic of these steps is that, at the portly and menopausal age of 58,  I have signed up to train as a yoga teacher!

Yoga has been on my radar since I was about 11 when I watched Richard Hittleman's Yoga for Health on the telly. I was so inspired that I set up yoga classes for all the other kids in the street on my parents front lawn! I don't think they lasted very long but the practice sowed a little seed in my consciousness that has been with me ever since.

My next brush with yoga was on, what my husband calls, "my hippy drama degree". We did all sorts of weird and wonderful things in the name of "total theatre" (one rather gruesome session involved real bulls eyes!) and yoga was one of the tools that we used to "centre" ourselves. My memories of that time are mixed - from an amazing session on a deserted beach in Cornwall with our drama group to an over weight tutor who would often wear very small loose shorts that really did let it all hang out!

Perhaps that is why it took another 20 or so years before I came back to yoga (!!) which I have now been doing with a local teacher since 2004. However it was only during the last year that I actually started to think about taking things a bit further and to train to teach. I've done a fair amount of teaching in a variety of areas over the years - from English and drama in secondary schools back in my 20's to event management at a local FE college to, most recently, teaching IT to silver surfers.

So as the year began to wane the seed of this idea took root and after a visit to the Yoga show back in October, I began the process of researching training options. Believe me there is a bewildering array of options out there - from fast track total immersion courses in India (a fab idea but totally impractical with my business commitments) to fully online courses. I thought I had found the perfect option with Sally Parkes  Yoga - and the course even included a week in Spain in May - but sadly this clashed with two wedding bookings for my business. So it was back to the drawing board for a bit.

After hours of reading, information requests and deliberation I finally opted for a level 3 Diploma course with the YMCA. This is a fully credited blended learning course  that includes online tutorials for the theory modules (health fitness practice, anatomy and physiology) and 5 practical weekends in London. The course officially starts at the first of these weekends on 2oth January but I already have access to the online material and have just received my my course books and I have begun the online learning.

So this is where I am at the start of 2018. I am excited, optimistic and of course a little scared! Even though I know that yoga is not about what you look like or if you can do the splits in a headstand - I am more than a little trepidatious  about this next step on my yoga journey. So as we head in 2018 I hope you will join me on this journey as I show that there is life in the old downward dog yet and Blog regularly about my experiences!

A Happy New Year to you all!

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