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I’ve taken this David Lynch quote from my Day two of True, a free 30 day January yoga programme put together by very polar Yoga You Tuber Adriene Mishler.

I have to admit that I am a serial signer upper for free things online. Many come with the offer of life changing regimes or programmes but for the most part these either disappoint or I lose interest. However I have really clicked with Yoga with Adriene. She was recommended by several friends and I must say that I find her approach and often fun style (That often includes her dog Benji!) both easy to follow and a great form of practice.

So far I’m three days into True which is what she has called this January series. So far the practice has worked with some very traditional poses such as downward dog and warrior with the aim of stretching ,deepening and observing how the body moves and how the breath can be used to enhance the poses. It is both gentle and powerful – today’s 30 minute session left me feeling revived after feeling rather jaded all day and I cant wait for tomorrow!

It’s not to late to sign up and it’s completely free – click HERE to find out more!!

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