Being present

We have been learning and talking about meditation on my yoga course and about how valuable it is as a self care tool in tool in today’s fast moving world where we are literally bombarded by digital messages. During a group discussion where we talked about the different the types of meditation, I talked to my group about my morning early morning walks and how they were often a walking mindfulness meditation. You know the kind of thing, being in the moment, being at one with nature and the environment, listening to the birds, smelling the fresh air etc!

Well this morning’s walk was not like that! Our yoga teacher training group has set up a What’s App group so there were lots of messages pinging through as I walked along the lanes. And of course I had to send them all a little video of how lovely it was in Norfolk this morning! Next a message popped through on Facebook messenger from my daughter telling me that Lionel Richie is coming to Holkham Hall in the summer which generated much excitement!

Part of my routine is to take a photo along my walk which I post to Instagram and Facebook – sometimes this works well – other times I struggle to find the original angle given that I’ve walked more or less the same route for 6 years now. This was going swimmingly until my phone decided to shut down (a very annoying thing that it has been doing recently). It also meant that the music I was listening too also stopped. (I know I shouldn’t really be listening to music!) After a couple of unsuccessful attempts and getting the phone to switch on again I took the decision to carry on the walk more mindfully. What a good decision that turned out to be because it meant that I could could hear the skylarks singing high above me and then the flock of geese as they flew and honked overhead. I even stopped to stand and breathe with my back pressed up against my favourite tree.

So note to self – practice what you preach and switch off on that morning walk. The internet will still be there when you get home!

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