Advent 5 – in the nick of time

Work today has been a day of two halves – the yoga teaching half which was lovely, fun and uplifting and my other business half which was frustrating, stressful and actually  rather upsetting. A lot of the time it is just great running your own business (or even two) but every now and then a curve ball hits you that can shake your confidence and makes, you quite frankly want to throw in the towel.

I was so grateful to have my classes and students today to help bring everything back into perspective. I have had some brilliant feedback in the last couple of weeks from students who have progressed and gained so much from yoga. This is more than enough to  off set the bad stuff – and at the end of today I recognise that I just need to let all of this negative energy go (well until the morning at least!)

Sorry for a short post today – I will make up for it tomorrow. In the meantime hear – by the skin of my teeth is a little yoga thought for the day!



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