Do you meditate?

Morning all! It's the weekend but I must say I’m a tad disappointed as I was expecting lovely blue skies again but I have just drawn the curtains and it is all grey and dull!

However, I have not let that stop me feeling more positive this morning - I am coming off the back of one of my hormonal migraines that always leave me feeling drained and flat. It's a horrible feeling like someone has pulled out my energy plug and let it all drain away. But I had an early night and a good nights sleep and today I'm ready to get up at at 'em (although I am currently writing this in bed!)

So the question I have for you today is do you meditate? Unless you have been living as a hermit you won't have failed to hear about the power of mindfulness and meditation for our overall well being as an antidote to our crazy modern lives. I will be the first to admit that I have not fully built a daily meditation practice into my routine - but I'm working towards it. In fact as I'm writing Ive just come up with the idea of meditation March! Who’s in?!

If you need to get started then there are plenty of apps out there. I started with the free Headspace (see my previous post - I just love Andy Purdicombe's voice) and then moved to Insight Timer which has lots of free content. My favourite go to morning meditation is the one below by Jason Grice - as well as being on the App it is also on Sound Cloud. The best time I find to do this is first thing, in bed, before checking any emails, social media etc while my mind is clear and untroubled but to do lists.

Have a go yourself - what have you got to lose?

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