Advent day 1 – Winter is here – Christmas is coming!

Day 1

Can you believe that it’s now December – the first day of meteorological winter and the first of advent? It has been a pretty amazing year for me on the yoga front which began with my teacher training way back in January  – the start of an amazing journey that included new friends, new experiences and lots of hard work!

In the spring I launched Yogavision – after weeks of trying to find the right name for my new venture – in a giant Mexican hat tipi set in the grounds of a beautiful historic Norfolk house. I also started a local class with the support of several of my lovely friends who still come to my sessions on a regular basis.  The year continued with a very busy, hot summer that found me working hard for my anatomy exams – pretty challenging for an old brain like mine – and teaching yoga at a local world music festival!

In July a friend and I spent four days at the World Yoga Festival – a truly amazing expanding and uplifting experience and one which I’ll be writing about in another Blog soon. But as a taster think of all the different kinds of yoga you can imagine – mixed with meditations, yoga philosophy, wonderful vegetarian food and some uplifting music. At the end of the summer I found out that I had passed my anatomy exams which meant that I was fully qualified which felt absolutely amazing!

In the autumn I decided to add two more classes to my schedule  specialising in chair yoga for people with injuries or mobility issues. Again this has brought me in contact with some lovely people and it has been amazing to see their progress over the weeks and get some great feed back.

So this brings me to the first Saturday in December – the start of advent and the Christmas season. I’ve decided to mark this by writing an advent Blog post every day. These will include a breakdown of postures, breathing techniques, meditations and much more! So to kick off the festive season here is a lovely inspirational quote from BKS Iengar along with some of my favourite shots from the year. Look out for tomorrow’s post which will focus on the breath!

Day one quote

Day one quote

IMG 20180502 192543 1

World yoga festival 9

World yoga festival 10

World yoga festival 11

YMCA Fit yoga 3 2

YMCA Fit yoga diploma course Jan Mar 18 6

YMCA Fit yoga 5 2

YMCA Fit yoga diploma course Jan Mar 18 48

Yogavision launch 7

Yogavision Norwich shoot Kirsty 85

Yogavison sept 14 shoot 11

Yogavison sept 14 shoot 14

Bea Yoga Norfolk 50

Bea Yoga Norfolk 54

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