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I have been writing a personal Blog The Pixel Chef for 7 years now (much neglected of late I’m afraid) and if you follow this, or my personal social media accounts, you will know that since September 2011 I have started my day with a brisk walk around the country lanes of our lovely village. I’ve documented these walks by taking photos – mostly of the landscape but sometimes of random things that I spot.

Over the years this walk has become a really important part of my daily routine. I wakes me up, clears my head and often gives me great thinking space before I start work. Now of course that work has another dimension with the addition of my yoga business so it means that I have even more going on in my old brain!

Walking can be used as a lovely way of meditating of bring the focus to the present – to noticing the details and beauty of daily life. This has certainly been the case with my practice over the years. Even though I walk the same route almost everyday and have done for seven years there is always something new to see or observe. Today was the most wonderful example as it was a truly  beautiful morning just to walk, breath and simply be.

Sunrise walk yogavision

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Sunrise walk yogavision 5

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