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Do you meditate?

day 10 tree

Morning all! It’s the weekend but I must say I’m a tad disappointed as I was expecting lovely blue skies again but I have just drawn the curtains and it is all grey and dull! However, I have not let that stop me feeling more positive this morning – I am coming off the back…

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Advent day 11 – walking meditation

Sunrise walk yogavision DAY 11

I have been writing a personal Blog The Pixel Chef for 7 years now (much neglected of late I’m afraid) and if you follow this, or my personal social media accounts, you will know that since September 2011 I have started my day with a brisk walk around the country lanes of our lovely village. I’ve…

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Advent day 9 – be the light

day 9

I knew this would happen! I’ve been so busy that my plan to write an in depth post every day has faltered! So If I don’t manage to write anything much I can always post a lovely yoga related quote

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Advent day 4 – let’s meditate!

Day 4

Unless you’ve been living in some far flung island far away from any exposure to the media you will no doubt be aware of the current trend towards mindfulness and meditation. For a child of the 60’s like me, for many years meditation conjured up images of the Beatles in India with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi…

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Go deeper

I’ve taken this David Lynch quote from my Day two of True, a free 30 day January yoga programme put together by very polar Yoga You Tuber Adriene Mishler. I have to admit that I am a serial signer upper for free things online. Many come with the offer of life changing regimes or programmes…

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