Find yourself

I just loved how the sun gently peeked through this tree on my way back from my morning walk today. I knew that it was crying out for a photo and a bit of a thought for the day. I don’t want to come over all deep and new agey here but I really that this quote embodies my journey so far this year and that I have been finding or even creating a new version of myself.

The yoga teacher training has brought up so many different things (including this website) and being alcohol free and given me a real clarity of mind. I’m brimming over will all kinds of ways that I want to develop Yogavision along with many other areas of my other work and personal life. My problem has always been to make my new and wonderful ideas things become a reality (hence why the cupboard under the stairs is stuffed with neglected candle making ingredients and acrylic paints) rather than become stuck in a circle of procrastination (I say that sounds good – did I just invent it!) What I’m coming to realise at the rip old age of 58 is that small things and actions add up to the larger goal – whether if be getting your head closer to your knees in paschimottanasana or building a brand new business day by day – bit by bit!

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