Happy new 2020!


Welcome to 2020! Well Happy New year and all that - albeit very late!

2020 did not get off to a flying stat as I was struck down on New years eve by a horrible cold virus kindly brought to Norfolk from Bristol by my son when he came home for Christmas. I must say it knocked me for 6. I am normally a pretty healthy person but this was really the worst cold that I've had for years! Sadly I even had to cancel all my classes last week too, which I hated doing but in situations like this you need to listen to your body and just take time to recover. Still, looking on the positive side (as I always try to do being a half full person!) it has given me a slow start to the year with space for planning and thinking.

So as I pen this on Sunday I'm now ready to start classes again for 2020.

I've got a plan in my head of where I want to go with yoga this year - in my personal practice and in the themes for my classes. Training also figures highly on the list I have several options that I'm looking into - and one in particular that I am really excited about.

Like many of us at this time of the year I have dabbled with New Years resolutions and I have a few that are bubbling away. However I am going to be using just one word at the root of my intentions and that is "reconnect". This will run through everything that I do - from my yoga business, my marketing business, my creative life and of course through personal relationships. I also aim to reconnect with my online spaces - especially this website and my personal one The Pixel Chef which I loved and nurtured for so long but has been sadly neglected. So watch this space!!

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