Cartoon By Gemma Correll

Unless you’ve been living in some far flung island far away from any exposure to the media you will no doubt be aware of the current trend towards mindfulness and meditation. For a child of the 60’s like me, for many years meditation conjured up images of the Beatles in India with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his advanced transcendental meditation techniques. It wasn’t until I came back to yoga back in 2004 that I realised that there are many forms of meditation and that you don’e have to pay a small fortune to be initiated into a special cult with your own personal mantra!

Although I had practised mediation and relaxation at the end of yoga classes it wasn’t until I discovered Headspace that it all really clicked into place and realised that mediation is not a process of completely emptying your mind but more a way of just letting go of thoughts and just letting them pass without action and judgement. Sounds simple eh!

I will come back to this topic later in the month with some of the meditations that I have developed for my own classes and links to other useful mediation resources but for now here’s a little video from the founder of Headpace Andy Purdicombe which explains the process far better than I can!


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