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Welcome to Yogavision - my unique yoga business that offers classes  along with affordable bespoke marketing to yoga professionals and those in the holistic and health industries.

After years of running my business as a marketer and photographer ( & practising yoga in my spare time!) in 2018 I decided to follow a new path and train to be a yoga teacher. After an intensive 6 months of training , learning and stretching, I passed my Level 3 Diploma qualification with YMCAfit at the end of summer 2018.

I now offer a range of classes locally in Norfolk and in 2019 I will also be running workshops , retreats and providing some online classes and other content! 


I am currently offering two regular classes and two chair yoga class in the the Wayland area.

7.00 -8.00pm
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10.00 - 11.00AM
Thompson yoga
10.00 - 11.00AM
Watton Chair yoga 2

About regular classes

The focus is on the foundations of yoga and is ideal for beginners or those coming back to yoga after a break.

Each session starts with gentle breathing (pranayama) and a mobilisation sequence to prepare your body for the work ahead. We then move to a more dynamic classic flow sequence (surya namaskar). After this lovely warm up your body will be ready for the main postures (asanas) and we will focus on classic hatha poses such as warrior (virabhadrasana), tree (vriksasana) cobra (bhujangasana) and many more! All session finish with a relaxation, mediation or yoga nidra to leave you feel both relaxed and ready to cope with the rest of you day!

About Chair yoga classes

For chair yoga we very much follow the sequence of the regular classes except we use chairs for balance and support - there is no getting down on the floor or kneeling as in a regular class.

Like the regular class we start with a lovely warm up and stretch before working through a sequence of adapted flows and asanas. As many participants are older there is also a focus on posture and working with keeping our backs lovely and straight! For some postures we will use props such as blocks, straps and bands which provide support and enable you to increase the range of movement from a seated position. As with the regular class session end with a relaxation - you'll be surprised just how chilled you can get sitting in a chair!

All of the classes are supported by additional materials to help you with home practice in the members area of the website and in private Facebook groups for those who wish to join.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Please note that you will need to fill in a health questionnaire before starting any Yogavision class/course.


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To find out more about classes or about how Yogavision can help your business, contact Debbie:

01953 889401



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