Advent day 8 – Yoga photo shoot in Norwich

Back in June my fellow yoga teaching student Kirstie and I ventured out onto the streets of Norwich for a photo shoot. Those who know me will know that photography is a big part of my marketing business and a huge passion of mine, so it was amazing to combine this with my love of yoga!

We had a brilliant day finding well known Norwich land marks and matching them to postures (don't try and work this out as it was very much a do what feels right kind of thing!) What was really lovely was the conversations that we had with passers by through out the day - many of who were interested in yoga and who practised themselves.

The highlight of the day has to be the "mature" be-suited business man talked to us about how his daughter did yoga. With just a little bit of gentle encouragement from Kirstie he was soon balancing on one leg in a very impressive warrior III! I think that our YMCA tutors Annie and Smita and the late Conrad Paul of Yoga Professionals, would most definitely see this as "shining the light of yoga"!

I have two more yoga photo shoots coming up very soon but I would love to heare from any teachers or practitioners who may be interested in a photography session.


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