Opening of the lotus flower

Why do yoga?

I’ve nearly finished the practical part of my yoga teacher training and it has been all kinds of amazing – I really don’t want it to end! Sadly I’ve been so busy that I haven’t written nearly as much as I had hoped to here about it!  But don’t worry I have got several Blog…


For the love of tea!

I’ve stolen this quote from another of my Blogs The Pixel Chef which has sadly been rather neglected. Way back before quotes became a thing all over the internet I started adding them to some of my photos. This one is very pertinent as I drink lots of tea and am even getting to like…


Hurrah for Dry January!

Well it’s the 31st of the month and for the *5th time since 2013 I have completed Dry January! I must say that it has been much much easier than my first “dry run” back in 2013. Having so much to focus on to do with health and new beginnings has pretty much laid to…


Being present

We have been learning and talking about meditation on my yoga course and about how valuable it is as a self care tool in tool in today’s fast moving world where we are literally bombarded by digital messages. During a group discussion where we talked about the different the types of meditation, I talked to…


No excuses!

No more excuses – tomorrow I start my yoga teacher training! I’m putting a way all negative thoughts about being too old, too fat etc and embracing the chnage!

Go deeper

Go deeper

I’ve taken this David Lynch quote from my Day two of True, a free 30 day January yoga programme put together by very polar Yoga You Tuber Adriene Mishler. I have to admit that I am a serial signer upper for free things online. Many come with the offer of life changing regimes or programmes…

New beginnings (2)

Introducing thought for the day!

OK so this is not original and the internet is full of these positive affirmations, quotes, memes and pearls of wisdom. I had a spell of making them regularly using my photos much to the derision of my family. I thought that now was a good time to start again and add them as a…


Time to kick the booze again!

It’s New Years day and I’m sitting in bed with tea and a sore head, like so many recent starts to the new year, and I’m so ready for another dry January. I did my first Dry January back in 2013 – spurred on by my son who was fed up with having a regularly…

Om yoga show London (5)

Life in the old downward dog yet!

It is exactly 12 months since I set up this Blog with the aim of sharing my journey towards a fitter and healthier life style. It was for the most part a rather faltering journey and sadly this poor little Blog stayed empty and neglected. However I am DETERMINED that 2018 WILL be different and…


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