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welcome to yogavision

Yogavision is a brand new venture by yogi and marketing professional Debbie Harris. After years of running her own business as a marketer and photographer ( & practising yoga in her spare time!) she has brought her passions together to form Yogavision.

As a newly qualified teacher of yoga she is now offering beginners classes locally in Norfolk. Along with this she offers affordable bespoke marketing to yoga professionals and those in the holistic and health industries.

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Last YMCA yoga session (14)

Yoga training assessment day!

So the day finally came – Saturday 24th March – the day, that after three months of intensive learning and practice, I would be doing my yoga teaching assessment at One KX in London! I am no stranger to teaching. I qualified as a secondary school teacher in English and Drama and I taught for…


Find yourself

I just loved how the sun gently peeked through this tree on my way back from my morning walk today. I knew that it was crying out for a photo and a bit of a thought for the day. I don’t want to come over all deep and new agey here but I really that…


Breathe in the spring!

I would love to say that I’m a spring out of bed at the crack of dawn person – but alas it’s just not true! However as the mornings are now getting lighter I’m determined to move my morning routine a bit. Today I was actually up at six as I had been awake for…

Snow day

Yoga in the snow

Spring should really be springing but we have been snowed it – I mean really snowed in! We have very narrow roads leading into our village so once the wind got up after several inches of snow the drifts built up cutting us off. Not to be beaten my husband an I put on our…

Opening of the lotus flower

Why do yoga?

I’ve nearly finished the practical part of my yoga teacher training and it has been all kinds of amazing – I really don’t want it to end! Sadly I’ve been so busy that I haven’t written nearly as much as I had hoped to here about it!  But don’t worry I have got several Blog…


For the love of tea!

I’ve stolen this quote from another of my Blogs The Pixel Chef which has sadly been rather neglected. Way back before quotes became a thing all over the internet I started adding them to some of my photos. This one is very pertinent as I drink lots of tea and am even getting to like…


Hurrah for Dry January!

Well it’s the 31st of the month and for the *5th time since 2013 I have completed Dry January! I must say that it has been much much easier than my first “dry run” back in 2013. Having so much to focus on to do with health and new beginnings has pretty much laid to…


Being present

We have been learning and talking about meditation on my yoga course and about how valuable it is as a self care tool in tool in today’s fast moving world where we are literally bombarded by digital messages. During a group discussion where we talked about the different the types of meditation, I talked to…


No excuses!

No more excuses – tomorrow I start my yoga teacher training! I’m putting a way all negative thoughts about being too old, too fat etc and embracing the chnage!

Go deeper

Go deeper

I’ve taken this David Lynch quote from my Day two of True, a free 30 day January yoga programme put together by very polar Yoga You Tuber Adriene Mishler. I have to admit that I am a serial signer upper for free things online. Many come with the offer of life changing regimes or programmes…



To find out more about classes or about how Yogavision can help your business, contact Debbie:

01953 889401



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