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These are strange days indeed and we need yoga more than ever! At the start of lock-down I made the decision to offer daily online yoga sessions to all my regular student. These videos were uploaded to YouTube and shared via the Yogavision private Facebook group. Rather than take to Zoom like some teachers I felt that this was the best way of supporting my classes during these difficult days - allowing everyone to practice at their own time and own pace. Amazingly I now have over 70 videos on my channel.

One of the big issues about offering online content is insurance. To begin with many health insurers were reluctant to offer cover for general videos available to the public, so I had to make sure that the early content was only accessible to class members who had completed a PARQ  (health questionnaire). However as the lock down continued insurers realised that they needed to be more flexible and I finally got cover extended to include general videos as long as they had a disclaimer.

So this brings us to late June 2020. Lockdown measures are being lifted but I think that it will be a while before we can get to classes again. As such I am continuing with my free sessions - now three a week - working on themes or specific issues that people have asked for. These videos still include my introductory witterings that you have grown to love 🙂  but I am trying to make them a little more general so that have life beyond lock down. I have been working on my YouTube channel to make it a little easier to find specific practices - just click to links below to be taken to the appropriate play list.

As always I appreciate any feedback that you might have so please let me have your comments!

Finally as you know I'm doing all these videos for  free but if you feel you would like to make a donation then please use the button below!

Love and yoga hugs!



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