Date for start of Saham classes

Debbie Yogavision

I spent a lovely afternoon on Saturday at the Saham village Hall (AKA Wells Cole Community Centre) for venues open day. The aim for the day was to promote all of the groups that meet in the hall as well as showing what a great venue it is for events, weddings and parties etc. I spent a very jolly few hours talking to visitors about yoga and spreading the word that yoga is really for EVERYONE – regardless of age, flexibility mobility etc. As well as being a lovely way to strengthen and tone yoga is a great tool to help you relax and escape the pressures of modern life – something that we all need more than ever now.

Following on from the open day I have now confirmed the day and timing of my Saham class which will run in the small hall on Wednesday mornings from 10-11 at a cost of £5.00 per session. This is on a pay as you go basis which i get classes established but if you are interested in joining this class  (or any of my other classes) I would appreciate hearing from you so that I know how may people to expect. Everyone who attends my classes gets much more that just an hour on the mat as I will be adding a special membership area of this site which access to more information on yoga in general, the postures and meditation. I will also be recording some of my own meditations and relaxations for you to listen too at home!

You can get more information or book a class by filling in the form below:


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